• New and Exciting Trend
    Want to brighten everyone's day?

    Try a splash of color added to your pet's groom!

    Quick highlights and tattoos can be added onto your grooming packages starting at an additional $5!

Creative Grooming

The colors are safe and non-toxic.

**Please note if you want color you must notify me when scheduling your appointment so I can allow extra time. Also, I do not recommend color for pet’s with allergies. Pets must meet pre-approved standards for coloring as well.

  • The Basics

    (Full Body)
    Under 25lbs - $20+
    Over 50lbs - $50+
    Tail or Ears ONLY
    *additional fees for full body work, and/or scissored designs
  • Specialty

    Feather Extensions
    These are a great and easy way to add a little color and flare to your dogs design. Even dogs with very little hair or who have been shaved can add an extension. They can last up to two weeks.
    Booty Bling
    This is a great way to add color to a short-haired or hairless dog. Any design, including one you want to bring in, can be used. Glitter, color and rhinestones can all be added. I have hundreds of stencil designs to choose from. These can last up to four days.
    Nose Rings and Earrings
    These are just rhinestones glued on to the nose or ears to add a little extra "ohh lala"!
    Toenail Designs
    This is just a very fancy pedicure with special rhinestones, glitter or nail wrap added to your dogs toenails. Very safe and very cool.